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Sainor laboratories is engaged in Development and manufacture of fine chemicals and Intermediates.

At Sainor laboratories, we are committed to achieve sustainable growth and continual improvement of EHS performance through:

  • Protection of the environment including prevention of pollution.
  • Prevention of Human injury and ill health.
  • Ensuring fulfillment of compliance obligations.
  • Continual improvement of EHS management systems to enhance EHS performance , and
  • Integration of EHS management system requirements into the Sainor business processes.


At Sainor, our safety goal is the same as every other company’s – get our employees home safely. We strive for zero injuries and illnesses. But while our goal makes us no different than everyone else, the way we choose to achieve it certainly does.

We are SAFE BY CHOICE. But we are also human. So how do we overcome the risks and accidents we are all prone to? By connecting a dedicated EHS (Safety, Health and Environment) team with tried and true policies and procedures, we create a culture of safety for ourselves and our customers. The more we learn and share, the more safety becomes a conscious decision at work and in our day-to-day lives.


We make it easy to be safe. We have specialized technology, teams, procedures and certifications that make sure everything from the equipment at your site to the operations at our plants are performing as they should. Upgraded technology plays a key role in our safety culture. By using mobile devices, we can quickly and easily share information with customers at the click of a button.

Sainor safety experts are on-site. Our Team routinely travel to customer facilities to conduct demonstrations and Trainings, collaborate with site personnel and share and enhance the safety knowledge of fellow associates , with which you can feel good about the safety practices we are providing your facility.


As associates of a company that specializes in chemicals, we understand the inherent risks of our industry. So much so, we believe safety education is vital to working safely. And everyone must be trained again and again. For which we conduct