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The main purpose of this mandatory drill is to check the reaction of occupants/employees of the building and to know the workability of fire fighting/detection system installed in the building so that deficiencies may be removed and further improvement plan may be executed to avoid life and property loss in the real life accidents.

Although emergencies by definition are sudden events, their occurrence can be predicted with some degree of certainty. The first step is to find which hazards pose a threat to any specific enterprise

A mock helps us to evaluate the effectiveness of the Onsite emergency plan. For better compliance Sainor takes active part to execute the drills twice a year.

Mock drills are conducted on various anticipated emergency scenarios like:
  • Fire.
  • Explosion.
  • Building collapse.
  • Major structural failure.
  • Spills of flammable liquids.
  • Accidental release of toxic substances.
  • Deliberate release of hazardous or toxic chemicals.

Let us all be solutions focused rather than problem focused