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n-Butyllithium manufacturers in India

Sainor Laboratories is a Hyderabad based pharmaceutical company founded in 2005 with a vision to offer world-class pharma products to our global clients. We manufacture and export a wide range of pharmaceutical pellets and stand as one of the leading n-Butyllithium manufacturers in India.

We are prominent n-Butyllithium manufacturers having clients in the domestic market and across the world. n-Butyllithium is an organolithium reagent, abbreviated as n-Buli and has a strong base commonly used as a reagent for lithiation. It is normally colorless to pale yellow solution. n-buli exists as a cluster both in solid state and in solution. It is generally prepared by reaction of 1-bromobutane or 1-chlorobutane with Li metal. It is a versatile reagent used in the synthesis of organic compounds. It reacts violently with water and needs to be stored at the inert atmosphere.


Sainor Laboratories is growing at a rapid pace by providing high-quality and affordable products. We are equipped with world-class manufacturing facilities which, helps in the strategic development of innovative products. We are trusted n- Butyllithium manufacturers in India offering the best products in the industry ensuring on-time delivery.

Product Information

  • CAS Number : 109-72-8
  • Molecular Weight : 64.06 g/mol
  • Appearance : Colorless solution