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NBL Manufacturer, India - Sainor Laboratories is a rapidly growing pharma company working passionately towards providing efficient pharma products for better lives. We emphasize on R&D for manufacturing superior quality products at the best price in the industry.

We are one of the best NBL manufacturers in India. NBL is generally called as n-Butyllithium or n-Buli. It is a prominent organolithium reagent used as a strong base or nucleophile. These organolithiums are very sensitive to air and moisture should be handled properly. n-Buli is most widely used in regioselective lithiation reaction. For the commercial purpose, it is prepared by reaction of 1-bromobutane or 1-chlorobutane with Li metal. The compound formula of n-Buli is C4H9Li. It is commonly used as a reagent for lithiation, lithiation-halogen exchange, and a strong base for forming Wittig reagents. It is a colorless or slightly yellow liquid and is available in powder form as well.


Sainor Laboratories expertise in manufacturing n-butyllithium and offers customized services as per the requirements of clients and we have well-equipped manufacturing facilities to support bulk orders as well.

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