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Dabigatran Pellets Manufacturers In India

Welcome to Sainor Laboratories, the most trusted dabigatran pellet manufacturer in India offering safe and effective medical solutions for better health outcomes and improved quality of life. With a singular focus on research, innovation, and patient-focused efforts, we have built our brand over the years by setting new standards in the healthcare industry. Founded in 2006, our goal is to become a pioneer in developing healthcare solutions that will have lasting effects for generations to come. We specialise in the production of delayed-release pellets, extended-release pellets, modified-release pellets, and sustained-release pellets of various strengths and compositions.

Here at Sainor Laboratories, we understand the impact that our high-quality pellets have on one’s overall wellness. For this reason, we adhere to the highest standards of quality and efficacy in our production processes ensuring we meet all regulatory norms as per the requirement of our patients and other stakeholders. Our quality regulations are designed in accordance with Schedule M, ICH, and ISO 9001:2015 quality management systems. We also maintain all standards of GMP at different stages of the production line. Quite naturally, we are strongly positioned as one of the top dabigatran pellet manufacturers in India for years in a row.

In addition to our technological prowess, we direct our focus on understanding patient needs and delivering personalised healthcare deliverables to improve overall outcomes. Our team of experts also work in close association with various stakeholders such as academic institutions, research organisations, and government bodies to consolidate resources and accelerate research efforts. It's time to challenge norms and expand our horizon with the most prolific dabigatran pellet manufacturer in India.

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