Borane Compounds Manufacturers and Exporters

Sainor Laboratories - known as leading borane compounds manufacturer and exporter is specialized in manufacturing borane compounds. We have fully integrated manufacturing facilities for research, development, and manufacturing. We have a highly qualified and experienced team providing cost-effective solutions to the pharma industry.

We offer a full line of borane compounds for various applications that are called as trihydridoboron. Boranes are synthetic hydrides of boran with a general formula of BxHy. These compounds belong to the family of clusters and can be found in solid, liquid and Gaseous form. The melting and boiling points depend upon the complexity of structure. The lower boranes were volatile, air and moisture sensitive and reacts violently with water. They are diamagnetic and electron-deficient compounds. Some boranes are borane-THF, Borane-dimethylamine, borane-dimethyl sulphide, borane-pyridine, and borane-diphenylphosphine.

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Applications of Borane

  • Stereospecific organic synthesis
  • Reduction of carboxylic acids to alcohols
  • Reduction of amides to amines
  • Suzuki coupling
  • Intermolecular hydroamination of less reactive alkynes
  • Modern medical imaging techniques